Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy

ASCE Board of Directors

Period: 2012–2014

ASCE Board of Directors is elected by its members for a two-year period. Board members, who reside in different U.S. cities, serve pro-bono.

President: Ted Henken
Vice-President: Rafael Romeu
Treasurer: Geni Gómez
Secretary: Stephen Kimmerling
Ramón Barquín III
Rolando H. Castañeda
Antonio Gayoso
Mario González Corso
Ernesto Hernández-Catá
Luis R. Luis
Carlos Seiglie
Helena Solo–Gabriele
Maria Werlau

Main Committee Chairs

ASCE Annual Conference and Proceedings: Jorge Pérez-López
ASCE Student and Occasional Papers: Enrique Pumar
ASCE Media and News Clippings: Joaquín Pujol
ASCE Newsletter: Rolando H. Castañeda and Geni Gómez
ASCE Webpage: Geni Gómez and Rolando H. Castañeda

ASCE Past Presidents

Felipe Pazos
Roger Betancourt
Jorge F. Pérez-López
Armando M. Lago
Antonio Gayoso
Lorenzo Pérez
Sergio Díaz-Briquets
Carlos N. Quijano
Beatriz C. Casals
Ernesto Hernández-Catá
Armando S. Linde
Jorge A. Sanguinetty
Rafael Romeu

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