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ASCE Memberships

ASCE membership is open to all scholars, teachers, students, institutions, and other persons professionally concerned with the study of the Cuban economy and public policies in furtherance of the purposes of ASCE as outlined in Article II of the By-laws.


Members enjoy updated and exclusive information on Cuba, access a select group of Cuba experts, learn and share information and ideas in a stimulating and collegial environment, and network amongst a highly talented and influential group of individuals.

  • Regular ASCE Membership

    All persons interested in furthering ASCE’s purposes.
  • ASCE Student Membership

    Bonafide students are eligible.
  • ASCE Latin America

    Tarifa especial para personas residentes en América Latina.
  • Contributing Sponsor Benefactor

    Individuals may become Members upon payment of prescribed dues.

Membership in ASCE is renewed on an annual basis. Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st.


Our organization offers the following categories of Members:

  • Regular Members: All persons interested in furthering ASCE’s purposes are eligible for full membership upon payment of regular dues.

  • Student Members: Bonafide students are eligible to become Student Members upon payment of a special reduced rate of membership dues. A Student Member has the same rights as a Regular Member.

  • Contributing Sponsor and Benefactor Members: Individuals may become Contributing, Sponsor, or Benefactor Members of ASCE upon payment of
    prescribed dues.


All non-institutional members who are current in their membership dues are entitled to:

  • Participate at all meetings of ASCE’s members subject to registration charges, when applicable.

  • Present motions, including motions of no confidence.

  • Vote at ASCE members’ meetings on matters which may come before any meeting thereof.

  • Become a candidate for office on ASCE’s Board of Directors.

  • Submit summaries of papers to be presented at various ASCE forums, and once such summaries have been approved and the applicable fees have been paid, present such papers at coming forums.

  • Publish papers in ASCE publications subject to financial charges and peer review, as approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Make ordinary and extraordinary contributions to ASCE’s purposes.



  • Reduced fees for the annual conference and other ASCE events

  • Quarterly newsletter with information on ASCE and upcoming events.

  • All member rights are afforded by the by-laws.​

Annual Dues
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