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ASCE Occasional Paper Series



The Occasional Paper Series will publish outstanding interdisciplinary studies about Cubans and Cuba from comparative perspectives. The papers will be published in PDF format on the ASCE web page where there is a folder named “Occasional Papers.” The intent of making these studies widely available to the general public is to increase the visibility of the ASCE organization and to disseminate important ideas and findings to the public, scholars, and the policy-making community.

Selection and Submission Process

The decision to publish papers on the Series will rest on the criteria agreed to by the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will consider papers from all disciplines and perspectives as long as the studies conform to the publishing standards and terms outlined by the Board. Anyone, including non-ASCE members, could submit papers for consideration.

All submission must be in MS Word or PDF formats and must follow one of the standard writing style guides. Papers are expected to outline a thesis statement and support it with persuasive evidence and data, include a bibliography and end notes, and range between 25–35 pages. The authors will write one page, single-space abstract for the paper. All electronic submissions must also include a cover page with keywords and the name, professional affiliation, and email address and phone number for each author.

ASCE accepts submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year. Acceptance decisions will be made by an advisory board appointed by the ASCE Executive Board.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will serve after nominations have been approved by a majority vote by the ASCE Executive Board. The Advisory Board should consist of 4–6 ASCE members in good standing. The board will make decisions regarding which papers to publish based on a competitive criterion, which could result in one of the followings: (1) reject the paper, (2) revised and re-submit, or (3) accept the paper for publications.

Board members will be elected for a two (2) year term that could be renewed at the discretion of the ASCE Executive Board. In the event a board member resigns, any nomination to complete the term must be approved by the ASCE Executive Board.

The Chair of the Advisory Board will (1) distribute all papers received to the Advisory Board members for consideration, (2) tallied their votes and recommendations, (3) communicate with authors, (3) report to the ASCE Executive Board, and (4) assist in the coordination of publishing, maintaining and designing the electronic Occasional Paper Series library on the ASCE web page.


For further information or for submissions, contact:

Dr. Enrique S. Pumar

Fay Boyle University Professor 

Department of Sociology

Santa Clara University

500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95053-0633

Cuban Economic News Clipping Service

Every week we will select news related to Cuba’s economy that usually are not carried in mainstream media and on Friday will forward them to member emails. This will spare you the need to track the information in the various media by digging it out by yourself, while at the same time, as an ASCE member, you will be well informed of relevant economic trends and events in relation to Cuba’s economic reforms, international relations, economic performance, the sugar crop, tourism, corruption among other issues. We limit our selections to events, trends and commentaries related to the Cuban economy from sources such as the international press and wire services, El Nuevo Herald, Cubanet and Cuban publications, such as Granma, Granma Internacional or El Economista de Cuba.

This service has been established as an additional benefit exclusively for members.


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