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12th Conference on Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, Cuban Research Institute, Florida International

The Cuban Research Institute (CRI) at Florida International University (FIU) is dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about Cuba and Cuban Americans. The institute encourages original research and interdisciplinary teaching, organizes extracurricular activities, collaborates with other academic units working in Cuban and Cuban-American studies, and promotes the development of library holdings and collections on Cuba and its diaspora.

The session sponsored by ASCE was held on February 14th: Theme: “Cuba and Puerto Rico—Going Forward.” Chair: Gary H. Maybarduk, U.S. Foreign Service.

“Cuba-Estados Unidos-Puerto Rico: La ecuación turística” Gerardo González Núñez, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico.

“Cuban Monetary Unification: Will the Cuban Peso Survive?” Roberto Orro, Caribbean Analysis Unit, Puerto Rico.

“Guantánamo and Puerto Rico: The Historical Connection.” Stephen Schwab, University of Alabama.

“Cuba y Puerto Rico: Hacia una complementación económica necesaria.” Omar Everleny Pérez-Villanueva, Centro Cristiano de Reflexión y Diálogo, Cuba.

“Cuba’s Political and Economic Arteriosclerosis—It Is Not Just the Castros. Gary H. Maybarduk, U.S. Foreign Service

Discussant: Silvia Pedraza, University of Michigan.

Another session was held on February 15th, where all the participants were members of ASCE. Theme: “The Economy of Cuba on the 60th Anniversary of the Revolution.” Chair: Silvia Pedraza, University of Michigan.

“Recent Cuban Economic Trends.” Carmelo Mesa-Lago, University of Pittsburgh.

“The Expansion of International Tourism in Cuba in the Post-Cold War Period.” Paolo Spadoni, Augusta University.

“Cuba’s New, Old Inequalities: The Role and Impact of Migration, Remittances, and Citizenship.” Katrin Hansing, Baruch College and CUNY. Bert Hoffman, German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Free University of Berlin. ASCE recently held a session at the CRI, pictured below:

From L to R: Gary Maybarduk, Roberto Orro, Stephen Schwab, Omar Everleny Pérez-Villanueva, Silvia Pedraza, Gerardo González Nuñez

From L to R: Joaquín Pujol, Paolo Spadoni, Omar Everleny Pérez-Villanueva, Carmelo Mesa-Lago, and Silvia Pedraza. Conference was Feb 14-15, 2019 at FIU’s CRI

Carmelo Mesa-Lago and Silvia Pedraza

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